Waterwise Turf Design

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Waterwise Turf Design

Turf is an essential component of landscaping. No other surface treatment can match its properties in terms of providing a safe, soft, trafficable recreation surface.

The benefits of lawns include:

  • Oxygen generation
  • Cooling effect
  • Sequesters carbon
  • Pollutant absorption
  • Increased entrapment and biodegradation of synthetic organic compounds
  • Fire retardation
  • Rainwater entrapment for ground water replenishment
  • Improves water quality by filtering/purifying run off
  • Pleasant surface for play and relaxation

Judicious inclusion of turf should replace use of turf by default. It is a relatively high water use component of landscaping. Inappropriate use of turf which is not contributing to function or aesthetics should be avoided. Choose from the warm season grasses outlined on the following pages and follow the suggested guidelines when designing lawns.