Water Features

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Water is an integral part of outdoor lifestyles in WA. Home pools are popular, even on very small blocks. Water features have become an almost essential item on the wish list of clients wanting to make a visual statement and create a garden which is a haven from the heat. But the non-functional use of water does have implications for water
resource management.

A hierarchy of water uses exists from essential to frivolous and waterwise landscape garden designers have a responsibility to assist clients to minimise wastage where possible.

Water features

Ideally avoid overuse of water as a feature in gardens. Encourage clients to choose fewer and smaller water features, perhaps incorporating artwork, interesting textures or materials to create dramatic impact instead.

Water features are used for a variety of reasons. For noise mitigation or a cooling effect they are best sited near alfresco or outdoor seating areas.

Often they are used in thoroughfares or for viewing from inside the house but for a visual statement there are alternative options such as decorative laser screens, lightboxes, sculptures, pots as features, detail on
walls etc.