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This style of garden is a new trend with many environmental and social benefits, providing a necessary option as population density puts pressure on arable space.

But there are challenges with these applications, particularly with watering, as reduced soil volumes are restrictive and mean that plant roots are not able to search for water. Good choices for vertical systems include epiphytic and succulent plants which have limited watering requirements. Other useful selections include lightweight leafy species which cascade naturally or mound.

Many native plants are appropriate such as Correas, Dianellas, Myoporum sp. Lomandras, Poas, Ficinea, Themeda, Westringea.

Sustainable watering options for this style of garden include recycled greywater, water from air conditioning units and collected stormwater. Also many units have an efficient irrigation cycle and when the system is closed and carefully calibrated, there is little loss to runoff.