Rain Bird Australia Pty Ltd

Rain Bird Australia Pty Ltd

Rain Bird has been the global leader in irrigation products and solutions for over 85 years. Rain Bird’s single focused passion and expertise is irrigation. The company’s commitment to quality and ‘The Intelligent Use of Water™’ is reflected in all Rain Bird products.

Rain Bird offers irrigation solutions for the domestic, commercial, golf and agriculture markets. The extensive product range includes sprays and rotors, controllers and sensors, valves and valve boxes, central control systems and drip line.

The cornerstone of Rain Bird’s global success over the years has been the company’s commitment to the development of innovative and water saving solutions via quality products that you can trust. Many of Rain Bird’s water efficient products carry the Smart Approved Watermark accreditation and are Waterwise endorsed by the Western Australian Water Corporation.

Specifiers can design with Rain Bird products knowing that quality, reliability and water efficiency is built into every product. Dealers can sell Rain Bird product knowing that the product hardly ever comes back. And contractors can install the product knowing that time and money won’t be wasted with return visits to site to address faulty product.

Rain Bird continues to innovate the way that we irrigate.

The LNK Wi-Fi Module allows you to easily access and control your Rain Bird irrigation system remotely from anywhere in the world. You simply need to plug the LNK Wi-Fi module into the accessory port of an RZXe controller (4-8 stations), a TM2 controller (4-12 stations) or an ESP-Me Wi-Fi ready controller (Modular from 4 up to 22 stations). Then use the Rain Bird APP to remotely access the controllers. You can receive critical real-time alerts about your system. Weather data from the internet automatically adjusts system run times daily.

Get reliable automatic irrigation control when you don’t have AC power, with the WPX battery-operated controller. The WPX operates reliably for two years using two 9V batteries. With a waterproof case and a dual-sealed battery compartment, life in a wet and dirty valve box is not a problem.

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