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Why Choose A LIAWA Member?

Finding a suitable landscaper to carry out your project can often be time consuming and sometimes a worrying process as projects can often be complicated and have a high level of financial risk.

By choosing a LIAWA member this can minimise those concerns and provide you with a guarantee that your project is in the safe hands of a professional. Listed below are just some of the key benefits of selecting a LIAWA member.   

When you choose a LIAWA member they will:

  • Abide by the strict Code and Ethics of the association that represents the landscape industry of WA
  • Deliver a high level of customer service and in doing so work with honesty and integrity
  • Have a professionally trained level of knowledge and working experience in the fields of landscape design, construction and maintenance
  • Ensure their staff are trained and skills relevant for projects through a program of professional development in order to keep in line with industry best practices
  • Be fully conversant with all aspects of environmentally and sustainable landscapes with key understandings in waterwise, soil management, energy efficiency, recycling and the creation of living ecosystems
  • Operate and work within the professional guidelines of legislation in Occupational Health and Safety and the Home Buildings Contracts Act 1991
  • Provide a legally biding contract to protect the member and consumer for any works carried out
  • Hold relevant certificates of currency (insurance)
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How To Resolve a Dispute

When you engage a designer, landscaper or grounds maintenance contractor, it is reassuring to know that should a dispute arise from the work they have been asked to perform, both parties have the support of a professional trade association to ensure lines of communication are kept open and there is somewhere to turn to resolve those issues that are causing concern.
Complaints during or after a landscaping project can occur – either as a result of poor communication or poor workmanship, or a host of other individual reasons.  LIAWA is able to assist both members and the general public by offering individual advice on how to handle a situation they may find themselves in. 

We suggest the following:

  1. Speak to your landscaper – if your relationship is still amicable this is the easiest, fastest and usually the most cost efficient way to resolve the issue. Use your ears (and not your mouth) and listen to each other’s concerns and work together towards a mutual resolution.
  2. If you feel the situation has come to a point where you can no longer communicate with your landscaper or client and you require assistance please contact us. If the landscaper is one of our members we will gladly speak to them on your behalf and try to find an amicable outcome.
  3. If there is a disagreement over the nature of the problem, we suggest that you seek independent advice. This independent expert should be able to, without prejudice, identify if and what the problem is and what needs to occur for rectification.  A report from an independent expert will assist both parties to negotiate the best solution to resolve issues at hand.
  4. If the dispute still cannot be resolved and a legal course of action is required, then we suggest you contact the Department of Fair Trading – for initial advice and mediation.

We encourage you to email your complaint to us. We keep a database of all complaints. It is important for the integrity of all of our members and the industry to know and censure operators who consistently attract complaints. 

Please forward to – including your contact details, the details of the company you are having issues with and a brief description of the complaint.  Please note, a fee for our service may be applicable.

Any advice provided by LIAWA is not of a legal nature.  As part of our service, we will review the scope of works that have been completed or are in the process of being carried out from a technical perspective and offer advice from an industry viewpoint. When professional contractual documentation and technical drawings are made available, the task of resolving disputes are much easier. LIAWA’s commitment is to support those working in the landscape industry, as well as the consumer who expects a high level of service from those recognised as professional landscapers.

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