LIAWA Waterwise Garden Design Program

The assessment module for Waterwise Garden Design Program –  edited and updated in 2015 and 2018 by Executive Director, Esther Ngang. The program was originally authored by Sue Torlach in 2010 under commission of LIAWA, and the content was compiled in collaboration with various association representatives and industry experts with reference to waterwise initiatives by the following trade and government organisations :

  • Water Corporation
  • Department of Water
  • Irrigation Australia (WA)
  • Compost WA
  • Smart Approved WaterMark
  • Department of Health WA
  • Environment Protection and Heritage Council
  • Association of Societies for Growing Australian Plants
  • Weeds Australia
  • Department of Environment and Conservation

2010 was the driest winter for Perth since 1914. Only 13 billion litres of water flowed into our dams, compared with an average of over 100 billion litres each year for the previous decade.

As the State’s largest water utility our drying climate presents many challenges in supplying a sustainable water source in the future. It is clear that we are not able to rely on rainfall and the development of new sources alone to meet immediate demand, and we all have a role to play to minimise our environmental impact by using less water, and ensure water for all forever.

Water Forever is the 50yrs plan of Water Corporation to deliver sustainable water and wastewater services to Perth and surrounding areas. There are three key components of this plan: reducing our water use, with a target of reducing each person’s water use by 15% by 2030; the development of new sources (such as more desalination plants) that will deliver up to 100 gigalitres of additional water by 2030; and increasing water recycling with a target of recycling 30% of water by 2030.

If we succeed in achieving the above targets, an additional 816 gigalitres (816 billion litres) of water will be available to meet demand. More than three quarters of this water would be climate independent, meaning if we continue to see further reductions in rainfall, as predicted, we will still be able to supply a sustainable water source and meet future demand.

The Water Corporation works with industry, local government, business and the community to reduce their water use. Successful campaigns such as Save Six and Target 60 have shown that the community is capable of reducing their water use without having too much of an impact on their lives. Our Waterwise Specialist Programs, including the Waterwise Garden Design Program, are another important way that we can assist the community to become more waterwise.

All Waterwise Specialists have been trained to provide the community with the latest water efficiency advice and services to assist them to be more waterwise both inside and outside their homes and businesses.

The goal is to empower the Western Australia community to be a waterwise community. Your participation in this training course and the Waterwise Garden Design Program is an important step towards reaching this goal and we hope that you too will be able to apply the skills and knowledge learned to be more waterwise in your own life, as well as sharing with others to do the same when designing their gardens.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding the training or our Waterwise Programs please contact